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The Aerocom Payload and Costing System (PACS) is a software system for PC compatible computers. PACS is designed specifically for the air transport sector by aviation professionals with over 30 years experience in the aviation industry.

The user only has to select the aircraft type to be used,  the names, IATA codes or ICAO codes of the airports to be flown from and to for any route in the world. PACS will then calculate, for the selected aircraft type:

*     The permitted takeoff weight for each airport, limited by the runway length, airport elevation and temperature.


*   The sector block times and fuel burnt for the route including allowances for airport specific taxi out and taxi in times, and the effect of en-route winds and temperatures.


The amount of payload or number of passengers that can be carried on each sector.


*    The total cost of operating the route including specific airport dependent costs (fuel, landing, handling etc.), route dependent costs (en-route navigation costs) and aircraft dependent costs (maintenance, crew, ownership etc.).


*    PACS automatically calculates  the cost advantage of  economy tanking fuel at airports with cheap fuel (if payload requirements permit) and will  calculate any payload penalty for forced tanking fuel when no fuel is available at a specific airport.  


*   A route can be a single sector or a  number of  sequential sectors ( maximum of 12 sectors).


 PACS uses a number of database files which are built up and amended  when the system is used. These database files include: 

*    An airport database with   6600 + airports covering every country in the world, which contains details of Airport names, ICAO and IATA codes, co-ordinates, airport elevation and runway length. This database can be amended or added to by the user.


     An Airport information database containing user specific cost data (fuel price  etc.) and other local information for each airport flown to by the system user.


     An updateable sector database containing flight planned distances, en-route winds and overflight FIR's for the sector.


*    An aircraft database which contains user defined default data that is used by PACS for route performance and costing if no specific information is available.


*     Aircraft databases containing user specific take-off and en-route performance data for each of the aircraft types available in the users version of PACS.


*   A Rates database,  containing Exchange rates between some 170 different  currencies and the US dollar, En-Route Charges rates, Terminal Navigation charges, Landing and Parking charges for every country/airport that levies a charge. This database is updated monthly and is available for download to users with a current support and update agreement.